Travel on a budget

Don't wait to get rich before you see the world. Travel for cheap by prioritizing what's important to you---and scrimp on everything else.
Can you afford to travel? It’s not a trick question, though people often approach it that way.


There’s no big secret to affording travel, other than to make it a priority. The real question: Do you want to travel?

Since you’re reading this article, we’ll assume your answer is yes.

Now that you’ve identified travel as one of your priorities, we’ll walk you through the best strategies for saving money on your next trip.

Even if you have a lot to spend, there’s no reason to blow all your money on unnecessary travel expenses.

If you’re pinching every penny of your regular budget, you’ll have to do the same when it comes to planning a vacation.

The bottom line: You can afford to travel. Everyone can afford to travel for cheap.

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